Dataset landingpage: BioBasis Nuuk - Vegetation - Plot NDVI

Dataset specification

  • Title: BioBasis Nuuk - Vegetation - Plot NDVI
  • Description: The progression in the vegetation greenness (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index; NDVI) is followed in the plant phenology plots on a weekly basis. NDVI is measured by a Crop Circle Handheld System and scans are conducted by moving the sensor steadily forward (ca. 1 meter per second) approximately 75 cm above the vegetation. This results in a measuring footprint of approximately 10 x 45 m. For further details, please refer to the newest BioBasis manual available at the website. Vegetation:Vegetation BioBasis Nuuk:The BioBasis programme monitors the dynamics of organisms and biological processes in the terrestrial and limnic ecosystems at Zackenberg and Nuuk. The BioBasis programme plays a central role in the development and implementation of the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Programme (CBMP) across the Arctic.
  • DOI: 10.17897/R522-CA15 -
  • Location/site: Permanent plots - -51.38, 64.13 (lon-lat wgs84)
  • Date span of the dataset: 2008-06-10 - 2016-10-04

Data originator, license and how to download the dataset

The dataset is a product of the Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring program (GEM): It is free and open data, licensed with terms of use under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license: When downloading you will automatically get a terms of use document, describing how to cite the data and other important information.

Download the dataset via this link (registration needed):

Variables measured / columns in dataset

ID Name Unit Data Type Description Date Date Date Date of measurement Plot Text Text Plot ID Section Text Text Section ID Longitude Decimal degrees Number Longtitude Latitude Decimal degrees Number Latitude Elevation M Number Antenna elevation parameter in meters Fix Type Number Number 0: No fix, 1: GPS fix, 2: Differential fix Speed km/h Number Field worker walking speed at time of sampling (km/h) Course Number Number Course SF 1 Number Number Sensor elapsed time SF 2 Number Number Sensor mode SF 3 Number Number Internal sample number SF 4 NA Number NDVI (Normalized difference vegetative index) SF 5 Number Number NIR (near infrared band reflectance) SF 6 Number Number VIS (visible band reflectance) remarks Text Text Remarks from the field observer(s)