Dataset landingpage: BioBasis Nuuk - Vegetation - Fluorescence of vegetation

Dataset specification

  • Title: BioBasis Nuuk - Vegetation - Fluorescence of vegetation
  • Description: The effect of increased UV-B radiation on plant stress is monitored indirectly by measuring chlorophyll fluorescence in three series of plots: Controls, plots with a filter excluding UV-B, and filter controls with a film without exclusion of UV-B. Measurements of chlorophyll fluorescence are carried out on Betula nana and Vaccinium uliginosum in a mesic dwarf shrub heath dominated by Empetrum nigrum and with B. nana and V. uliginosum as subdominant species. For further details, please refer to the newest BioBasis manual available at the website. Vegetation:Vegetation BioBasis Nuuk:The BioBasis programme monitors the dynamics of organisms and biological processes in the terrestrial and limnic ecosystems at Zackenberg and Nuuk. The BioBasis programme plays a central role in the development and implementation of the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Programme (CBMP) across the Arctic.
  • DOI: 10.17897/SD1R-RF39 -
  • Location/site: Permanent plots - -51.38, 64.13 (lon-lat wgs84)
  • Date span of the dataset: 2008-07-22 - 2017-08-09

Data originator, license and how to download the dataset

The dataset is a product of the Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring program (GEM): It is free and open data, licensed with terms of use under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license: When downloading you will automatically get a terms of use document, describing how to cite the data and other important information.

Download the dataset via this link (registration needed):

Variables measured / columns in dataset

ID Name Unit Data Type Description Date Text Text Date of measurement Time Hour Time Time of measurement (Local time, UTC -2h summer time, UTC -3h winter time) Species Text Text Species Betula nana or Vaccinium uliginosum Plot Number Number Plot ID Treatment Text Text Controls (C), plots with a filter excluding UV-B (F), and filter controls with film without exclusion of UV-B (B). Record No Number Number Record number P. Light ?mol m-2 s-1 Number Pre-illumination intensity P. Dur.(sec) s Number Pre-illumination duration Light ?mol m-2 s-1 Number Flash intensity Gain Number Number Brief measurement to determine likely size of Fo Dur.(sec) s Number Duration of flash Flash Number Number Number of flashes Fo Number Number Fluorescence origin Fm Number Number Maximum fluorescence Fv Number Number Variable fluorescence (Fm-Fo) Fv/Fm Number Number Maximum quantum efficiency Tfm Number Number Time at maximum Fm Area Number Number Area above fluorescence curve T1 ms ?s Number T1= 50 ?s F1 Number Number Fluorescence at T1 T2 ms ?s Number T2= 100 ?s F2 Number Number Fluorescence at T2 T3 ms ?s Number T3= 300 ?s F3 Number Number Fluorescence at T3 T4 ms ms Number T4= 2 ms F4 Number Number Fluorescence at T4 T5 ms ms Number T5= 30 ms F5 Number Number Fluorescence at T5 Protocol Number Number Protocol used (0=default) Dark Offset Number Number Dark current measurement artefact RC / ABS Number Number Force due to the concentration of active reaction centers Fv / Fo Number Number Force of the light reactions (1-Vj) / Vj Number Number Force related to the dark reactions (after Qa-) PI Number Number Performance index (PI) Remarks Text Text Remarks from the field observer(s)