Dataset landingpage: GeoBasis Disko - Meteorology - AWS4-Meteorology

Dataset specification

  • Title: GeoBasis Disko - Meteorology - AWS4-Meteorology
  • Description: The automatic weather station AWS4 was installed in August 2015. It is located 240 meter above sea level on the southern slope of Skarvefjeld. The mast is located on a vegetation-covered plateau. The station is running West Greenland Standard Time (UTC-3). The AWS4-Meteorology file holds the following parameters (Air temperature, Air pressure, Relative humidity, Liquid precipitation and Short wave incoming radiation). Find more data from AWS4 under Soil (AWS4-SoilTemperature, AWS4-SoilMoisture). The mast is equipped with a HOBO U30 station from Onset and data are logged every 30 minutes. Meteorology:Meteorology GeoBasis Disko:The GeoBasis monitoring programme focuses on selected abiotic characteristics in order to describe the state of Greenlandic terrestrial environments and their potential feedback effects in a changing climate. Monitored plot data is up-scaled to a landscape level and is used to improve ecosystem models to be able to quantify these feedback mechanisms. The GeoBasis programme provides an active response to recommendations in international assessments such as ACIA and SWIPA; and is continuously being adapted based on AMAP and other international founded recommendations. Furthermore, the GeoBasis programme is directly involved in several international networks and research projects (e.g. the Circumpolar Active Layer Monitoring (CALM) programme, the Nordic Centre of Excellence DEFROST, the Danish Centre of Excellence CENPERM, the EU-projects PAGE21 and INTERACT, and the Arctic Research Centre at Aarhus University). The GeoBasis programme is divided into a number of sub-groups, including:
  • DOI: 10.17897/QX9Z-5033 -
  • Location/site: AWS4 - -53.4536285400391, 69.272819519043 (lon-lat wgs84)
  • Date span of the dataset: 2015-08-11 - 2023-09-19

Data originator, license and how to download the dataset

The dataset is a product of the Greenland Ecosystem Monitoring program (GEM): It is free and open data, licensed with terms of use under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license: When downloading you will automatically get a terms of use document, describing how to cite the data and other important information.

Download the dataset via this link (registration needed):

Variables measured / columns in dataset

ID Name Unit Data Type Description Date YYYY-MM-DD Date Air pressure_mbar mbar Number Air pressure (Sensor: S-BPB-XXXX, Onset HOBO) Air temperature_ °C °C Number Air temperature measured 2 meter above ground (Sensor S-THB-XXXX, Onset HOBO) Relative humidity_ % % Number Relative humidity measured 2 meter above ground (Sensor S-THB-XXXX, Onset HOBO) Time (UTC-3) HH:MM Time West Greenland Standard Time (UTC-3) Short wave incoming radiation_Wm-2 Wm-2 Number Short wave incoming solar radiation (Sensor: Pyranometer S-Lib-XXXX, Onset HOBO) Precipitation_mm mm Number Rain/Liquid precipitation measured in tipping bucket rain gauge (Sensor: S-RGB-M002, Onset HOBO